Case Study: Jamestown Properties

Jamestown Properties is one of the leaders in the New York market, with hallmark properties including Chelsea Market, 1 Times Square—site of the ball drop—and countless others.

Knightsbridge Park served as the digital marketing engine behind New York City's best-selling condo in 2010: be@schermerhorn (

Indeed, a front-page New York Times Real Estate article explains how Knightsbridge Park, in tandem with Jamestown, branded the building anew. Our team re-designed the website, oversaw all search engine strategies and pay-per-click advertising, and designed collateral materials.

Less than a year later, the building sold out. Accordingly, we have been retained by Jamestown to coordinate other projects in Manhattan’s West Side and elsewhere.

Before we implemented strategies: April 2010

  • MONTHLY TRAFFIC: 1,230 (refer to graph #1 below)
  • SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC: 632 (refer to graph #2 below)

After we implemented SEO techniques: October 2010

  • MONTHLY TRAFFIC: 6,552 +432%
  • MONTHLY PAGE VIEWS: 18,747 +720%
  • SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC: 3,195 +405%
Real estate NYc SEO website Google Traffic

Be@Schermerhorn Graph #2: before and after comparison

Before and after SEO - website comparison

Top 10 organic keyword rankings

Due to our Search Engine Optimization tactics, we helped be@shermerhorn achieve a record number of first-page placements on Google.

Organic search engine traffic increased 765%

With an increase of over sevenfold in organic traffic, more people reach the website, more people schedule appointments, and more units were sold in far less time.